Allston Arts District

Participating Artists

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Christine Winship The Pedigree Artist
(Christine Winship)    Suite 320

Watercolors specializing
in animal art / pet portraits
Member of New England Art for Animals
since 2007

Catherine Reurs Catherine Reurs    Suite 401

Rocco Ricci Rocco Ricci    Suite 306
New paintings, Drawings, and Disruptions

Ruth Rieffanaugh Ruth Rieffanaugh   Suite 705
Visual artist
2008 grant recipient Capelli C. Angeli Foundation; participant, Boston Paint Box Project; Art Coordinator for Commonwealth Sports Club Show, Allston

Linda M. Y. Musmon The Showroom by Zomar
(Linda M. Y. Musmon)   Suite: 515

Wholesale fashion showroom

Artists 1 2 3 5